Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Break 2012 Bucket List

  1. Make Lax Music Video
  2. Pick Up Basketball Game with Lewisburg Locals
  3. Golf Outing 
  4. Jump in the River
  5. Tan in the “BUCKNELL” Bushes in the Football Stadium with Picture
  6. Eat the Freeze After Every Meal
  7. Ards Hamburger Challenge 
  8. Get a Real Tan Along the Susquehanna
  9. Water Balloon Swag Challenge Fight
  10. Scavenger Hunt
  11. Hip Hop Abs (get in shape in style)
  12. Pull off Some Pranks
  13. Cook Our Own Dinner
  14. Find Randall’s Apartment
  15. Buy a Pinata
  16. Slip and Slide Down the Main Hill

Spring Break 2k12 Day 1. Coming to you from the Smith Quad with Char, Blair, Chou, Vetere and Downs. Daily updates to come!

You Herd It.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas Everyone!! Enjoy one of my favorites, “Mistletoe” by the Beibs on this lovely Christmas Eve. Continue on to read our special post featuring Coach Randall!!


Edith Randall Goldsborough

The 70s…the time where Hippies faded away, and Star Wars graced us with its presence…the rise of Led Zeppelin and Johnny Cash…the inspirational time where we were touched by the Jackson 5, who sang us the ABC’s and 123’s…but most memorable of them all: the birth of our very own, Coach Randall on June 28th, 1974!

Coach was born Edith Randall Goldsborough in the beautiful Annapolis, Maryland. Fun fact: Coach Randy was born at the Naval Academy! Cool, right?

So today I decided to compose this blog post further introducing the team, parents, prospective players, and the Bucknell athletic community to one of our new coaches! (Coach Forrest, I’m after you next). Another fun fact: Coach actually came up with the clever name of “You Herd It" for this blog! So to further contribute to our Bucknell Women’s Lacrosse Blog, Coach Randy kindly answered some fun and enlightening questions. Enjoy, as you get to know a little more about Edith Randall Goldsborough, along with having a few laughs.

Let us proceed:

Favorite song:  ”Giant by Melissa Etheridge”

Favorite pastime:  ”Shooting around, playing pipes, having a catch lax-style.”

Favorite animal:  ”I like both dogs and cats equally and for different reasons.”

Favorite food:  ”Anything fried.”

Favorite state: ”Maryland.”

Enjoy 9 minutes of funny clips from Coach Randall’s favorite movie: Tommy Boy!

One thing you can’t live without: ”My lax stick.”

First car: “Toyota Camry.”

Dream car: ”Jeep Wrangler, which I own now finally.”

Dream vacation: "Doing nothing but listening to waves at a beach."

Two items you would bring if you were trapped on an island: “Lax stick and goal…I’d get scary good.” (Like she’s not already…)

Favorite youtube video: anything involving puppies and kittens


Finally! Phew…


Favorite place to vacation:  ”Any beach.”

Favorite sport to watch: ”College lacrosse, college men’s and women’s ball…basically anything college level and pro football.”

Favorite sports team: ”USA women’s soccer and lacrosse teams.”

(A signed original of 2005 world cup poster!)

Favorite pair of shoes: "My slippers…I wear them everywhere."

Favorite band and or singer:  ”I have many but right now I like Sugarland and anything pop country.”